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Welsh Assembly Government's Draft Technical Advice Note 8. (TAN8)
Artists against wind farms

Press Statement

"The protest convoy undertaken on 27th June 2004, by the SOCME action group, was to draw attention to the community of the likely noise impact that the proposed Wind Power Station would have on their lives and to further publicise the campaign of saving Mynydd y Gwair from these wind turbine monstrosities.

The aim of the group is to preserve the natural heritage of the area by safeguarding the quality of life of all those who live here and to protect the livelihoods of all who depend on it."
Link to Protest Convoy Photo Gallery

This is a recording of the noise created by a wind turbine.
Unfortunately the sound produced by computer speakers cannot reproduce the Low Frequency noise that is attributed to being generated by wind turbines.

Ensure that your computer speakers are switched on and the volume is set to your preference.
You can then also pause, stop, mute or adjust the volume on the controller graphic shown above.

The sound file used on this web page has been tested with the following popular software media players :-
Windows Media Player; RealOne Player and Winamp.
If you are unable to hear the sound online, you can download and save the .WAV file to your PC from the following web link to play when you are offline by 'right-clicking' on the link Wind turbine noise file but you will only hear one cycle of the turbine blades unless you set your media player to 'repeat mode'.